We are just absolutely thrilled to announce a new Collaboration between Carrie Jenkinson Millinery and G Boutique in Boston.

Boston socialite Amy Patt is set to launch G Boutique on May 2nd 2014 and CJ Millinery have been invited alongside designers around the globe to become part of her exclusive couture collections!!

Amy sent me this fabulous mission statement about this fantastic new store..

“Couture in Every Closet!”

Our motto and driving force – to bring couture to every closet. A new “old” way of shopping – custom tailoring, exceptional customer service, colors and shapes that suit your complexion and body type. Handmade clothing in your closet that you love and fits your body. This is fashion and style made easy and fun! Ever dreamed of living like royalty? We know the secrets! We are re-introducing custom pieces, exceptional tailoring, and pampering of the soul. Head-to-toe service that allows you to achieve the goal – to experience couture.

Our innovative shopping tools make you the celebrity of the day!

– Our Style Sheet helps you understand your beauty points to highlight for maximum “wow” factor. We are not done until even YOU are saying “Wow!” when you look in the mirror.
– Having a hard time shopping for your loved ones? They will squeal with delight to receive one of our monthly Style Boxes, with product chosen just for them! You’ve secretly given us their sizes, style preference, and colors that work best with their skin tones for maximum style effect.
– That’s not enough service for you? How about our signature makeup lines and fashion products that are available exclusively at G. Boutique hand-selected and designed in collaboration with G. Boutique Founder, Amy Patt!

We will be producing a selection of exclusive designs for Amy, one of which she will be wearing to a Celebrity packed promotional visit to Cannes.

We are simply over the moon to be involved in such an amazing collaboration and look forward to working alongside Amy.


Ascot, Ladies
04/05/20140 Comments

ROYAL Ascot on Ladies’ Day is the perfect excuse to find a good hat and dress up. On no other day of the year can you have quite so much fun – when else does anything go in the headwear department (providing it complies with all the necessary rules)?
What’s charming about Ascot is that it’s the place of British Heritage, Style and Grace where etiquette is the key therefore all its rules should be followed. It’s absolutely adorable to watch prim and proper attire and hats out of this world. Creativity and uniqueness are on the show here as hats and fascinators parade through the alleys, because it’s all about the headpiece.
And here’s another regulation, probably the most important when in Ascot – hats and headpieces must have a base of at least four inches (10cm) or more in diameter, and must be worn at all times.
What I also strongly believe in is that your hat should represent the elegance and femininity of your nature and humour is certainly not a faux pas, as long as goes hand in hand with the style. High-street pieces are the last to consider as the character and individuality should be sought at milliners, boutiques and vintage shops. Irrespective of your budget you will surely find the perfect match and if Ascot is in your diary this year, do contact me if you would like me to help with your dilemma.

And now I admit (regretfully) – I have never stepped into the Royal Ascot world and I’m hoping that this time this will change.
I contacted Carrie Jenkinson – a milliner and hats & fascinators designer from Wiltshire whose unusual and stylish pieces are absolutely stunning and asked if I can feature one of her pieces in my blog. And here it is – the Giselle beauty that I was privileged to wear today.

In awe with the white French Lace on a blocked gold base and white silk feather both on the top and underneath over the headband, I held this beauty in my hands for a few minutes admiring the creativity and attention to detail. Once put on, the effect was amazing. I knew that the coral MSGM gown will be perfect match. And it was. It really was 😉
The look reminded me of the faded pages from the 1930s fashion catalogues – see the ruffles? See the hats?
So now, I’m so thrilled to present to you my Ascot look.

Article written by Aga Moodley the original  article is here http://www.iamthebrand.co.uk/2/post/2014/04/ascot-ladies.html

I’ve been checking out Aga’s personal shopping website www.iamthebrand.co.uk and its amazing, so if your looking for a personal stylist for Ascot of any other event you should check out her website www.iamthebrand.co.uk

It’s never been easier to buy and order your fascinators online!!

I know lots of you are daunted by the prospect of ordering items online but it really is very simple.. Follow these simple steps

Take a photo of your outfit!
Sending a photo of your outfit makes it easier for us to help you find the right headpiece and also means we can match the colours.

Know your style
What kind of hat suits you? Have you worn a fascinator before? Do you know what you want? It really helps to narrow down the search with an idea of what you would like.

Have a clear budget
Let us know your budget but be realistic, materials are not cheap and many headpieces take a great deal of time to make. We want to help you get exactly what you want so be clear on how much your willing to pay.

Give us plenty of time 
During race season, particularly Ascot, things get a little crazy so please give us at least 3/4 weeks notice as not only do materials need to be ordered but every design is hand made to order.

Were happy to answer as many questions as you have to get the perfect fascinators, headpieces or hats for you.. We want to get it right and we want you to be happy!

Please visit our website now to see our designs or to discuss your bespoke headpiece Just Fascinating

We’ve also launched our Carrie Jenkinson Couture Collection offering a range of truly inspirational and unique designs that will make you stand out from the crowd.. Available from Carrie Jenkinson Millinery

Morning!!! Fantastic news today if your a local CJMillinery Fan.. Grace and Ted in St James Square, Bath are now our exclusive stockist of our Couture Range..

They will be stocking a variety of our Couture Headwear for you to try on, take a look at and then order to match your outfit.  This year as you know we’ve launched some fantastic designs which are perfect for Ascot, Race events and fabulous weddings..

All available to buy from www.carriejenkinson.co.uk

Don’t forget that we also have some great designs in our high street collection Just Fascinating www.justfascinating.co.uk

This years Ascot is set to be more flamboyant and extravagant than all those before it! With this in mind I give you my top 10 Fascinators and Headpieces..

Number 10

Jess: Sinamay flower available in every colour Click here for more information



Number 9

Victoria: A beautifully decadent headpiece, simple yet stunning.  Available in every colour combination Click Here for more information



Number 8

Elle: Part of our Couture Collection and quite a stunning feather piece. Available in a variety of colours. Click Here for more information

Andrea Pennington 2014-49


Number 7

Danielle: A firm favourite since it was featured in Vogue Magazine in 2012, available in every colour and particularly stunning in a bright colour this is certain to make heads turn. Click Here for more information.



Number 6

Coco: Stately headpiece, sinamay blocked headpiece with small wooden 3D butterflies make this a magnificent fascinator. Available in every colour combination. Click Here for more information.

Andrea Pennington 2014-2


Number 5

Christine: Perfect for the Royal Enclosure this headpiece is simply stunning. Large but light and easy to wear, the foam roses look like real roses and finished with leaf shaped feathers. Click Here for more information.



Number 4

Cindy: Something utterly wacky for the brave!! You will almost certainly stand out in this magnificent confetti style headpiece. Available in every colour combination. Click Here for more information.

Andrea Pennington 2014-52


Number 3

Cosette: Featured in 2013 Vogue Magazine Hat Feature this gorgeous ostrich feather and silk flower headpiece is simply stunning. Available in every colour combination. Click Here for more information.



Number 2

Naomi: Featured in this years Vogue Magazine Hat Stand Feature this fun large net fascinators will almost certainly be a great favourite this year at Ascot, particularly if you choose a very very bright colour!! Available in every colour. Click Here for more information.

Andrea Pennington 2014-15


Number 1

Cara: This stunning piece was recently featured in Vogue Italia and is my favourite piece.  Light, beautiful and extremely pretty piece which will stand out at any event. Click Here for more information.

Vogue 2014 Artwork