Sara Snood is the inspirational women behind the marvellous charity Chemo Snood Head and I’m thrilled to have become a part of her mervellous and incredible journey by donating some of our headpieces.

Each day, Sara Wears a hat, Fascinator or headpiece to raise awareness for breast cancer and draw attention the stigma associated with loosing your hair during treatment.


Last July I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. I had surgery to remove the tumour and a full lymph clearance as the cancer had spread. In October I underwent 18 weeks chemotherapy which led to me losing all my hair. On Friday 3 April I completed 4 weeks of daily radiotherapy.

In order to raise as much awareness as possible for the need to be breast aware and the impact of breast cancer as well as funds for Macmillan Cancer Care I have given myself the challenge of wearing a different piece of headgear every day for a year – currently on day ??? (depending on when youb publish the blog) and so far raised over £13,500.00 for Macmillan – and posting the evidence on my social media sites.

During the 365 day challenge, I will shave my hair as it grows back as I also hope to try and help de-stigmatise the myth that one needs to have hair to be beautiful and to stand by those who are going through hair loss due to medical reasons.

Local, national and international businesses are helping my cause by donating or lending me headgear or items that I can use to create headgear and I was recently voted Woman’s Own Role Model of Year.

I’ve made a head dress from bread, another from coffee cups from Smallbatch coffee, stuck a radio, teapot and globe on my head and created a hat from kitchen roll, scourer and washing up brush. Philip Treacy lent me an incredible hat. Designers from as far afield as Australia, New Zealand,
USA, Canada, Russia and Europe have supported me in my cause

People who have been getting involved include

– Carrie Jenkinson Millinery
– Philip Treacy
– Trevor Sorbie
– Liberty of London
– Pearl and Swine
– Christy’s
– British Airways
– Keely Hunter
– Oliver Bonas
– Smallbatch Coffee
– Flourpot Bakery
– Feathered Fantasy
– Judy Bentinck Millinery
– What a Hat
– Hectic Hat Hire
– Fancier Feather
– Sofie Teh
– La dame au beret
– Hatastic

– Bloom & Wild

– Sharper Millinery

– Atelier Millinery

I have appeared on Sky News, Good Morning Britain, ITV Meridian, Latest News. National and local press include The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Mirror, ETC Magazine, Viva Magazine, Woman’s Own, Real People, Take a Break and The Argus have all reported the story.

These are some of my favourite headpieces!

All her current pictures can be seen on FB, Instagram and Twitter

FB – Chemo Snood Head

Twitter – @fizzysnood

Instagram @fizzysnood

If you would like to donate to Sara’s Fabulous Charity visit