Yesterday saw the return of my photography ‘Dream Team’ coming together once again to create another breathtaking Photo Shoot!

As usual, everyone brought their unique talents together to help me showcase 19 new fascinator and headpiece’s designs for our new Autumn/Winter Collection.

At our last shoot, we introduced the amazing talents of Body Artist Kate Spinks-Dean and the feedback we received was unbelievable so we decided to try something a little more ‘daring’ this time by using body paint instead of clothing!

The results were truly fabulous and although I’m sure this may be contentious to some, we’re hoping that the majority of our fans will totally love the New Look!!

Everyone worked extremely hard and the end result it set to be the most stunning collection of photos to date with Every Fascinator or headpiece’s looking amazing!!

I wanted to say a very special thank you to my 6 year old daughter Daisy Boo who came along yesterday to help out and acceded everyone’s expectations! She held up lights, collected headpiece’s, helped out with all the make up AND took all of the behind the scene shots shared with you today! She is truly worthy of her ‘assistant’ credit and I was very, very proud of her!


A big thanks to Brymore Academy for allowing us free raine over their fabulous facility… It was a Stunning backdrop!

The Dream Team

Photography – Bethan Eccles
Styling – Sarah Eccles – Markey

Body Painting – Kate Spinks Dean

Models – Kirsty Read, Miranda Staples, Nua Wat Ce

Assistant to Carrie Jenkinson – Daisy Boo Jenkinson

Here’s a sneak peek from behind the scenes