Its always great fun launching a new collection and this one has been fabulous! Ive enjoyed creating these collection of fascinators, hats and headwear because this collection shows my fun side and its taking a step in a New direction for Carrie Jenkinson Millinery.

I’m keen to work on the more Sculptured fascinators and headwear.. designs that are totally different from the more traditional fascinators, new exciting and created to make you stand out from the crowd!

All of fascinators, hats and headwear are bespoke and handmade to order in your choice of colours.. we can colour match most outfits to almost any outfit.

We are now taking orders for Ascot so make sure you get your orders in quickly as we are already very busy!!

Our Fabulous Collection wouldn’t be here at all if it wasn’t for the help of my photography team who bring together their extraordinary talents to bring you these amazing photo’s

Director of Photography – Sarah Fitzgerald Jones

Make Up & Styling – Kate Lyus

Models – Kirsty Jade Reed & Lois Male

Wedding? Race Event? Bride? Then your probably trying to put together your fabulous outfit?

Having tried on every outfit in every shop why not make buying your fascinator or hat easy by buying your bespoke fascinator online?

Carrie Jenkinson Millinery offers a whole range of online fascinators all of which can be made in every colour to match every outfit!

Buying bespoke fascinators online can be a daunting task but we try to make life as easy as possible for you with a full bespoke fascinator service which includes a colour matching your outfit as well as making recommendations on the style of fascinator to suit your outfit..

Just email us a photo of your outfit and we can advise you on the perfect match bespoke fascinator for you.. taking the hard work out of shopping for your fascinator online.

With such a wide variety of fabulous bespoke fascinators your sure to find something you like and if not, we can work with you to design your perfect bespoke fascinator to match your personal requirements.

Visit our website today to see our full bespoke fascinator collection and take the stress out of buying your fascinator online..

If your interested in discussing our online fascinators Collection or our excellent bespoke fascinator service please contact me asap as I am happy to discuss all your wonderful fascinator ideas!!

Our New Collection is now available online at

All our fascinators, hats and headwear are hand crafted to order and available in every colour combination.

Each fascinator, hat or headpiece is created to meet all of your personal and style requirements. Our complimentary colour matching insures that your fascinator or hat can be matched perfectly to your outfit.

Each or our fascinators is mounted onto a malleable wire millinery headband which is comfortable to wear and can be matched to your hair colour.

All of our fascinators will be available to order next week but we are accepting pre orders so feel free to contact me to discuss your interest.

Wedding season is upon us with the full force of excitement upon us!! Now that my studio is open to visitors we are inundated with clients asking for bigger and better fascinators to go with their stunning outfits.

We offer plenty of fascinator styles with something to suit most tastes and almost each of these wonderful fascinators can be made to match any colour combination.

Our full style and bespoke service offers you a unique and full experience when buying one of our fascinators. We can offer you our experience when choosing your fascinator by recommending a fascinator which will match your personal style and then we will match your colours perfectly.

Step out in one of our fabulous individually unique fascinators and stand out from the crowd..

Our Latest Designs are now available in every colour

Contact me now with your questions and ideas…

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Struggling to find the perfect fascinator, hat or headpiece for your outfit? We offer a unique bespoke service to help you finish your outfit perfectly by colour matching what your wearing to your perfect fascinator.

Buying a bespoke fascinator online can be tricky so let us take that stress away by offering you a first class service, simply send us a photo of your outfit and we’ll do the rest.

We can discuss the style of bespoke fascinator that will suit you and be comfortable for you to wear on your big day. we can then match the colours from your outfit to your stunning new bespoke fascinator.

Check out our fabulous Spring/Summer 2016 Collection and every fascinator, hat or headpiece can be matched to suit.

Our full Bespoke Fascinators Collections can be found on our website or email me now to discuss your ideas..

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Whatever your personal style, Carrie Jenkinson Millinery has the fascinator or hat for you!

We have a large range of fascinators on offer, from small discreet fascinators to large race day fascinators and every fascinator we create can be made in every combination of your choice.

Offering a full bespoke service, we can hand make all of our fascinators to match your outfit perfectly.

How it Works:

Send me a picture of your outfit and we can look over our collection and make suggestions of fascinators we can then colour match your fascinator to make sure that it compliments your outfit perfectly.

Bespoke service:

Want something totally unique and individual for your big day? Lets work together to design your perfect fascinator together.. I am more than happy to discuss all of your fascinator ideas and we can work together to create your dream headpiece.


Stand out in one of our unique Bridal designs for the bride looking for something different! We have a large list of blissfully happy brides who went for an unconventional headpiece which was the perfect addition to her fabulous bridal gown.

Check out our website now or email me now to discus your ideas..

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Its THAT time of year again girls when we all fly into a blind panic about what we’ll be wearing to Ascot 2016!!

As we all know, with Ascot its all about the fascinators, hats and headwear and more importantly the fascinators and hats that are going to get you papped by the tons of paparazzi at this event!

Ladies from around the world will be preparing their outfits as we speak and girls, its all about what you wearing on your head.

So, with that in mind.. here are my fascinators & hats that are ready and waiting to be worn with pride!

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Claire is going to be a hit this year with ladies looking for something totally unique. The Claire fascinator is made from wonder flex, a thin plastic which can be sculpted when heated.

This fascinator can be made in pretty much every colour and available to ORDER NOW



Katie is a Stunning Flower fascinator made using layers and layers of felt fabric, its available in every colour ORDER NOW



Marie is an extremely pretty headpiece, looks great in every colour combination and a simple and classic design. ORDER NOW

fascinators, bespoke fascinators


Mara is a gorgeous sculptured fascinator/headpiece, unique and unusual design set to turn heads, available in every colour ORDER NOW



Leigh is a fab design, large bow with delicate net design available in every colour ORDER NOW



One of my favourites and probably one of the most stunning designs, the feathers shimmer in the sun and its simply breath taking, available in every colour ORDER NOW



All of our fascinators, hats and headpieces are available in every colour combination, we offer a full bespoke service which includes colour matching.

Just send us a photo of your outfit and we’ll do the rest!

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So work has been on going now for several months on our fabulous new fascinator and hat Collection and I’m really excited about the launch early April!

We’ve been taking our inspiration from Oscars Glamour and I’m hoping to launch my boldest, loudest and most fabulous collection of fascinators to date!

Each piece will be dedicated to the female winners and nominees from this years 88th Academy Awards and just to add to the frenzy of excitement were flying in  3 of the designer gowns worn at the event this year!! 

There’s a good chance they won’t fit me which is a shame because I would love to pop one one on to do the hoovering in but alas it may just be my gorgeous models who get the chance to swan around in them at our photo shoot!

It’s always a stressful time putting a collection together so I’m praying that you’ll be pleased with the collection of fascinators and hats we’ll be launching!

Stay posted peeps through our blog and FB page for the latest news and for sneaky peaks at the collection during our photos shoot on 27th March!!

The $30 million Dubai World Cup Day, which takes place on the final weekend in March, is the biggest sporting and social event in Dubai each year. Based at the unique, state-of-the-art Meydan Racecourse, where the Grandstand measures 1 mile in length, the Dubai World Cup attracts the biggest names in racing to Dubai.


Dubai World Cup day features nine high-class races including six Group 1 races and three Group 2 contests and is culminated by the world’s richest horse race, the $10m Dubai World Cup, won in 2015 by Prince Bishop.

If your attending this event this year then your Fascinators and headwear has to be AMAZING!! We offer a full bespoke service on all our fascinators and hats so we can either create something individual for you or you can order one of our fabulous fascinators or hats and we can match it to your outfit.

Some of our fascinators perfect for Race Events


We are here to guide and help you purchase a fascinator or hat that your going to absolutely love! All our fascinators and hats are hand crafted to meet all of your personal requirements and we will work with you to create your perfect headpiece to compliment your outfit.

Check out our latest designs on our website

Your perfect bespoke fascinations

It can be tiresome attempting to find your perfect bespoke fascinator or bespoke hat. The high street offers a good range of fascinators but they often come in basic colours so if your looking for something very particular then it’s worth checking out online shops selling bespoke fascinators and bespoke hats.
With so much choice, online purchasing gives you the opportunity to find your perfect fascinator or hat from the comfort of your own home.

Most milliners now, sell the majority of their designs online and almost all will offer some kind of bespoke colour match service which gives you the opportunity to buy something truly unique and personal to you.
When looking online for a bespoke fascinator or hat make sure that you find out a little bit about the seller before ordering and look around at various designers to see what type of fascinator your looking for.

Each Milliner has their own style and once you have seen a few you will be able to get an idea of the kind of fascinator or hat that you would like, for example, if your going to the races you will may want a larger, brighter fascinator than if you were attending a wedding.

Carrie Jenkinson Millinery offers a huge range of fascinators and hats to suit most styles and they are suitable for any occasion. Carrie also offers a full bespoke service on most of her designs which give you the freedom to match your outfit perfectly.

Some of recent designs

“Generally, we deal with our clients online communicating via text, email or Skype to create their dream fascinator or hat. Our first class colour match service insures that they receive a fascinator or hat that not only matches their outfit but their personal style which varies from person to person.” Carrie Jenkinson.

Carrie takes great care in working alongside her clients to recommend fascinators and hats that meet all of their personal requirements.
“We recommend that buyers send photo’s of their outfit so that we can match the colours as best we can. If they unsure of what design to choose then they can send us a photo before ordering so that we can help you pick out a design that will compliment their outfit and finish off their look, whatever the occasion.” Carrie Jenkinson.
Whatever your occasion, Carrie Jenkinson Millinery offers a first class online customer service, which ensures you receive a fascinator or hat that you feel truly happy with.
Feel free to contact Carrie today to discuss your idea’s 
Follow Carrie Now to see new designs as they are introduced.