Well that’s it for Ascot 2017 and what an amazing festival of racing and fashion its been.. not to mention the fabulous Ascot fascinators and hats.

I’m of course thrilled to be taking a well earned week off after working solidly on Ascot fascinators and hats as i’m sure Milliners across the breath a sigh of relief that the pressure is off .. for now..

This year we had some amazing ascot fascinators and hats out there with Carrie Jenkinson designs and also a selection of individually designed bespoke pieces that stood out above the rest.

I had not one, not two but three consecutive days of my designs photographed by every national paper which is just incredible given the huge amount of amazing fascinators and hats in attendance.

Here is a clip of Natalia Beach wearing a poppy garland we created for her.. this was the most photographed fascinator throughout the whole event.

I was also thrilled to make hats for local celebrity Tracey Sugg mum to the amazingly talented Joe and Zoella Sugg as well as Channel 4’s interior design guru seen pictured here wearing a stunning red fascinator we created for her.

celia sawyer wearing carrie jenkinson millinery

This has been an extraordinary week for me a designer and milliner, everyone was so happy with their headpieces and to have 3 designs featured over three days in national newspapers is pretty awesome!

I’m already looking forward to next years amazing headpieces and fascinators!!

Make sure you get them in a little earlier next year please ladies ūüôā

Here are just a few of the pieces we had there this year..

With just a couple of weeks to go were looking back over the last 10 years of Ascot Hats & Fascinators..

There is one thing you can definitely depend upon is that everyone pulls out all the stops when it comes to its hats & fascinators!

I’ve searched the internet to bring you my favorite hats & fascinators from the last 10 years of Ascot..

I think as the years have progressed the hats & fascinators have become rather more classy.. they are of course expected to be big but the hats & fascinators themselves have become more delicate and intricate in style..

This Year I’m expecting to see more detailed craft work in all of the hats & fascinators in attendance!

Once again I have loads of hats & fascinators gracing the heads of my fabulous clients this year who I shall be hopefully bumping into in and around the Ascot Enclosures!

We are still taking orders but not for much longer so please get your Ascot hat & fascinator orders in asap!

All of our hats and fascinators are custom made to order in your choice of colours..

We offer a full bespoke service for those looking for a unique and individually designed hats or fascinator and as many of our clients would tell you that we have always worked hard with clients to ensure they receive the perfect hat or fascinator and that it matches and compliments their outfit perfectly.

See you there!!!

Creating the perfect Bespoke Fascinator is something that I pride myself at doing well and so far I’ve been really successful at getting just right.. even if it takes several tries!!

Each Bespoke Fascinator is completely unique and individual in every way and clients have a fixed idea about how their bespoke fascinator should look once its finished so I make sure we get as much information as possible about the bespoke fascinator and pictures always help.

I recently designed a bespoke fascinator for Dr Nyla Raja, Cosmetic surgeon to the rich and famous and star of Real Housewives of Cheshire!

Nyla had a very a specific bespoke fascinator in mind and sent through various photo’s with the main design inspired by this fabulous Stephen Jones fascinator..

Nyla also wanted a  bespoke fascinator that included gold butterflies of various sizes included so we set about coming up with a design.

The base of her bespoke fascinator was made entirely from sculptured wood which captured the twig affect of the original stunning headpiece..

We then decided on the type of flowers.. I felt that Roses would look marvelous and add depth. Each of the roses is handmade (yes it does take forever) and wired butterflies have been mixed in on white wire.

All of my bespoke fascinators are sculptured and built up intricately so that the whole fascinator is held together to avoid breakage.

Here are some of the pictures of the bespoke fascinator as it developed.

This was a particularly complex bespoke fascinator but we were both thrilled with the results and I think the headpiece looked amazing! Nyla looked simply stunning at Chester Races last week.

If your looking for a specific bespoke fascinator than look no further, I’m always looking for my next challenge and I will work closely with you to make sure I create the perfect bespoke fascinator for you!

Contact me now to discuss your ideas..



Its that wonderful time of year again.. Ascot 2017!! Now ladies we all know that this is the Fashion event of the year and everybody is looking for that perfect Ascot Fascinator!

We have a fantastic variety of Ascot Fascinators and headwear perfect for every area of Ascot including the Royal Enclosure.

All of our bespoke Ascot fascinators can be made in every colour to match any outfit.. we offer a full colour match service which enables you to match any colour no matter how unusual it is.

The unique and individual designs that we create mean that your Ascot fascinator will stand out from the crowd..

This year we are dressing some of the biggest designers attending the event as well as some celebs! All top secret of course!

Place your orders now to avoid disappointment, we are already building a waiting list so please don’t¬†leave ordering your Ascot fascinator till the last minute!

We are also able to create individual and unique bespoke Ascot fascinators for those looking for something completely original!

Its always great fun launching a new collection and this one has been fabulous! Ive enjoyed creating these collection of fascinators, hats and headwear because this collection shows my fun side and its taking a step in a New direction for Carrie Jenkinson Millinery.

I’m keen to work on the more Sculptured fascinators and headwear.. designs that are totally different from the more traditional fascinators, new exciting and created to make you stand out from the crowd!

All of fascinators, hats and headwear are bespoke and handmade to order in your choice of colours.. we can colour match most outfits to almost any outfit.

We are now taking orders for Ascot so make sure you get your orders in quickly as we are already very busy!!

Our Fabulous Collection wouldn’t be here at all if it wasn’t for the help of my photography team who bring together their extraordinary talents to bring you these amazing photo’s

Director of Photography – Sarah Fitzgerald Jones

Make Up & Styling – Kate Lyus

Models – Kirsty Jade Reed & Lois Male

Its THAT time of year again girls when we all fly into a blind panic about what we’ll be wearing to Ascot 2016!!

As we all know, with Ascot its all about the fascinators, hats and headwear and more importantly the fascinators and hats that are going to get you papped by the tons of paparazzi at this event!

Ladies from around the world will be preparing their outfits as we speak and girls, its all about what you wearing on your head.

So, with that in mind.. here are my fascinators & hats that are ready and waiting to be worn with pride!

fascinators, bespoke fascinators, couture fascinators, hats, bespoke hats, ascot fascinators


Claire is going to be a hit this year with ladies looking for something totally unique. The Claire fascinator is made from wonder flex, a thin plastic which can be sculpted when heated.

This fascinator can be made in pretty much every colour and available to ORDER NOW



Katie is a Stunning Flower fascinator made using layers and layers of felt fabric, its available in every colour ORDER NOW



Marie is an extremely pretty headpiece, looks great in every colour combination and a simple and classic design. ORDER NOW

fascinators, bespoke fascinators


Mara is a gorgeous sculptured fascinator/headpiece, unique and unusual design set to turn heads, available in every colour ORDER NOW



Leigh is a fab design, large bow with delicate net design available in every colour ORDER NOW



One of my favourites and probably one of the most stunning designs, the feathers shimmer in the sun and its simply breath taking, available in every colour ORDER NOW



All of our fascinators, hats and headpieces are available in every colour combination, we offer a full bespoke service which includes colour matching.

Just send us a photo of your outfit and we’ll do the rest!

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Yesterday saw the return of my photography ‘Dream Team’ coming together once again to create another breathtaking Photo Shoot!

As usual, everyone brought their unique talents together to help me showcase 19 new fascinator and headpiece’s designs for our new Autumn/Winter Collection.

At our last shoot, we introduced the amazing talents of Body Artist Kate Spinks-Dean and the feedback we received was unbelievable so we decided to try something a little more ‘daring’ this time by using body paint instead of clothing!

The results were truly fabulous and although I’m sure this may be contentious to some, we’re hoping that the majority of our fans will totally love the New Look!!

Everyone worked extremely hard and the end result it set to be the most stunning collection of photos to date with Every Fascinator or headpiece’s looking amazing!!

I wanted to say a very special thank you to my 6 year old daughter Daisy Boo who came along yesterday to help out and acceded everyone’s expectations! She held up lights, collected headpiece’s, helped out with all the make up AND took all of the behind the scene shots shared with you today! She is truly worthy of her ‘assistant’ credit and I was very, very proud of her!


A big thanks to Brymore Academy for allowing us free raine over their fabulous facility… It was a Stunning backdrop!

The Dream Team

Photography – Bethan Eccles
Styling – Sarah Eccles – Markey

Body Painting – Kate Spinks Dean

Models – Kirsty Read, Miranda Staples, Nua Wat Ce

Assistant to Carrie Jenkinson – Daisy Boo Jenkinson

Here’s a sneak peek from behind the scenes


Well Ladies, it’s here!! I’ve been so busy these last few weeks as we have a whopping 59 fascinators and hats at Ascot this year and that number is still rising thanks to you ‘leave it till the last minute’ ladies 😃

With just one week away, here are my top 5 tips for ensuring you have a simply fabulous time…


Tip 1

Is your headpiece stable? The last thing you need is a fascinator that’s falling down all day! Super annoying and a major distraction so make sure it fits properly! Your milliner will be able to advise you on wearing your fascinator correctly and you can always hold your fascinator in place with some hair clips!



suntan_shutterstock_51896383Tip 2

Sun cream! Last year it was absolutely boiling at Ascot and this year is looking like it’s going to be a scorcher again! Take a small sunscreen in your hand bag just in case as you’ll be having so much fun you’ll totally forget your exposed to the elements!!



UnknownTip 3

PACE YOURSELF! We all know how much boozing goes on at the races but try and pace yourself, falling over in front of hundreds of people is not fun and I say this as I have personal experience! Drink lots of water.. Stay hydrated!



iStock_000025647308SmallTip 4

Comfortable shoes¬†are an absolute must! You will be on your feet all day so make sure your feet are comfy or you’ll be uncomfortable all day! If your feet hurt then that’s that! You won’t think of anything other than your feet!!



1405414828-ladies-day-hat-competition-at-royal-ascot_5051204Tip 5

Have fun!! It’s the most incredible event and I’m almost positive you’ll have a wonderful time! Wear your fascinators with pride girls and take lots of pictures!!



I will be posting all of our fabulous ladies over the next few weeks with my Ascot Wall of Fame!!!

Go and enjoy yourselves ladies…

What are you wearing to Ascot 2015?

What utterly fabulous outfit have you decided to wear to one of the biggest fashion events of the calendar!

Well chances are you’ve at least decided on your outfit and now all that’s decided you need to think about your fascinators or hats!!

Every milliner in the country is overwhelmed with orders right now and you really need to get your orders in as early as possible! Materials run out the closer we get to the event and so does our time to put together your perfect hat or fascinator!

Weve just launched our fabulous new collection which is now available in pretty much every outfit! It’s important to choose a fascinator or hat that suits your style and outfit and it also needs to be comfortable enough to wear all day!

Our fabulously individual fascinators and hats are mounted onto thin millinery wire headbands which can be manipulated to fit your head perfectly and comfortable enough to wear all day!!

Have a think about your fascinator, it’s got to be pretty fantastic if you want to get photographed on the day so choose a fascinator or hat that stands out..

I’m happy to discuss your ideas or help you find your perfect fascinator or hat for this marvellous event! You can just send me a pic of your outfit and we’ll do the rest for you!

Check out all of our fascinator and hat designs here..


We are pleased to announce our new Summer Collection! We are launching a fabulous new Bridal Collection and our stunning new range of fascinators, hats and headwear!

We were lucky again to be working with such a fantastic team and in the perfectly delightful grounds of Brymore Academy in Bridgewater

Photography – Bethan Eccles

Hair/Stylist/Make Up – Sarah Eccles-Markey

Headwear – Carrie Jenkinson

Models – Miranda Staples & Kirsty Reed

Body Artist – Kate Spinks-Dean


I’m so excited to introduce our new fascinator and headwear Collection.. just in time for Ascot as well!!

We will be adding these designs to our website over the coming days but we’ll be taking early orders if you see something you like!!