I make plenty of race Fascinators and hats during the year with Fascinators and hats being sent off around the world to various events and marvellous occasions but none are as exciting as Bath Racecourse Ladies Day! My home town!!

What will you be wearing ladies? With just a few weeks left you really need to pick up the pace with your orders! I’m almost certain some of you will leave ordering your Fascinators and hats at the last minute but for those of who are a little more organised you need to get ordering ASAP.. Save me from having to work like a looney to make sure they are all delivered in time!!

This year I too shall be attending this event wearing a one off limited edition fascinator which I plan on auctioning off after the event to raise money for the RUH NICU department so keep a look out for our online auction coming shortly after the event.

We’ve got plenty of designs to choose from and almost all can be made to match any outfit so go online today and decide which one of our fabulous Fascinators or hats your going to go for!!

Buy your tickets online now at http://www.bath-racecourse.co.uk

Your perfect bespoke fascinations

It can be tiresome attempting to find your perfect bespoke fascinator or bespoke hat. The high street offers a good range of fascinators but they often come in basic colours so if your looking for something very particular then it’s worth checking out online shops selling bespoke fascinators and bespoke hats.
With so much choice, online purchasing gives you the opportunity to find your perfect fascinator or hat from the comfort of your own home.

Most milliners now, sell the majority of their designs online and almost all will offer some kind of bespoke colour match service which gives you the opportunity to buy something truly unique and personal to you.
When looking online for a bespoke fascinator or hat make sure that you find out a little bit about the seller before ordering and look around at various designers to see what type of fascinator your looking for.

Each Milliner has their own style and once you have seen a few you will be able to get an idea of the kind of fascinator or hat that you would like, for example, if your going to the races you will may want a larger, brighter fascinator than if you were attending a wedding.

Carrie Jenkinson Millinery offers a huge range of fascinators and hats to suit most styles and they are suitable for any occasion. Carrie also offers a full bespoke service on most of her designs which give you the freedom to match your outfit perfectly.

Some of recent designs

“Generally, we deal with our clients online communicating via text, email or Skype to create their dream fascinator or hat. Our first class colour match service insures that they receive a fascinator or hat that not only matches their outfit but their personal style which varies from person to person.” Carrie Jenkinson.

Carrie takes great care in working alongside her clients to recommend fascinators and hats that meet all of their personal requirements.
“We recommend that buyers send photo’s of their outfit so that we can match the colours as best we can. If they unsure of what design to choose then they can send us a photo before ordering so that we can help you pick out a design that will compliment their outfit and finish off their look, whatever the occasion.” Carrie Jenkinson.
Whatever your occasion, Carrie Jenkinson Millinery offers a first class online customer service, which ensures you receive a fascinator or hat that you feel truly happy with.
Feel free to contact Carrie today to discuss your idea’s

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